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Educational Materials and Decision Aids:

A Healthy Partnership

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Colon Cancer:

CHOICE Patient Education Video Communicating Health Options through Interactive Computer Education: Screening for Colon Cancer (Most Recent Version © 2007) The CHOICE decision aid was developed to help patients determine if they are ready for CRC screening and if so which type of screening they would like to pursue. This decision aid is designed to be viewed by an individual at home or it can be played in a private alcove or waiting room of a medical practice office. Persons who are given/view this decision aid should be of average risk for colorectal cancer and not have previously been diagnosed with CRC or adenomatous polyps.We have provided this program online for professional education only. If you are interested in using the program for research purposes or with patients, please contact us

Decisions Involving Cancer Prevention in the Elderly (DICE) Decision Aid - An educational tool for older adults to decide if colon cancer screening is right for them. This version is tailored for women 80 years and older.

Decisions Involving Cancer Prevention in the Elderly (DICE) Decision Aid Revised for Low Literacy - An educational tool for older adults to decide if colon cancer screening is right for them.

Comparison of DICE Decision Aids - A document detailing and comparing readibility scores for the DICE Decision Aid and the DICE Decision Aid for Low Literacy Individuals


Coronary Artery Disease:

Heart Disease Prevention - A tool for improving communication and decision-making about heart disease prevention.

Heart Failure:

Caring For Your Heart - Living Well with Heart Failure - NC Program on Health Literacy website as described in

DeWalt DA, Pignone M, Malone R, Rawls C, Kosnar M, George G, Bryant B, Rothman RL, Angel B. Development and pilot testing of a disease management program for low literacy patients with heart failure. Patient Education and Counseling.Patient Educ Couns. 2004;55(1):78-86.


The PSA Decision: Is testing for prostate cancer right for you? - PSA.pdf

Providing Care for Prostate Patients - A 120 page notebook developed by the Sutter Health Cancer Service Line: Prostate Committee that provides general information on prostate cancer, treatment and surgery options, and prioritizing goals for treatment and outcomes. Coping and recovering from side effects of prostate cancer are also explained. A section of frequently asked questions, resources and glossary are also provided to help the patient. This version was slightly modified from the original version for use at UNC.
Chapter 1: Organizing My Care
Chapter 2: Understanding my Diagnosis (Basic Education)
Chapter 3: Treatment Options
Chapter 4: Prioritizing Goals for Treatment and Outcomes
Chapter 5: Surgery Options
Chapter 6: Radiation Oncology
Chapter 7: Medical Oncology
Chapter 8: Clinicial Trials
Chapter 9: Integrative Health
Chapter 10: Coping
Chapter 11: My General Health
Chapter 12: Recovery & Coping with the Effects of Prostate Cancer Side Effects
Chapter 13: Financial Matters
Chapter 14: Inspiration
Chapter 15: Just for Partners
Chapter 16: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Chapter 17: Resources
Chapter 18: Glossary



Colon Cancer Screening Patient Education Video (Cited in Annals of Internal Medicine, 2000, Vol. 133 No.10)